This short article is an example of an essay on Aliens and Space

This short article is an example of an essay on Aliens and Space

After going from city to city within the Starship, we where to locate a accepted place to keep at.

We had left Earth because I hap­pened to be being bought out by the aliens that where dis­cov­ered from other plan­ets. We knew we might encoun­ter other aliens while explor­ing other plan­ets we would need through out the trip so we took proper pre­cau­tions and brought the pro­tec­tion. We where going in outer space and so the aliens will never track us and fol­low us to destroy us.

We had arrived into the first planet and sim­ply by look­ing it looked like this planet was not going to become our home for long at it. We got out of the star­ship sim­ply to any­way explore it. We began walk­ing around on earth and we also felt shak­ing con­stantly. I thought it absolutely was just con­stant earth­quakes and I knew I was wrong when I saw a lot of crea­tures just run­ning around that they never stopped, but. I knew they were mak­ing the shak­ing because of the true num­ber of crea­tures. It appeared to be the crea­tures where hos­tile because they were fight­ing with them­selves suf­fi­cient rea­son for each other. We turned around and walked the other way to a canyon that peo­ple had seen as we landed on the planet. This planet was weird, it was very dry and there looked like there was no way to obtain water because of how dry it absolutely was. I told my buddy Jack, “Look how deep the canyon is, and how steep. once we looked through­out the canyon” He replied, “Yea dude, it seems pretty nasty down there. I do believe we must just go and tell mom and dad that this accepted stick it pretty weird so we can’t live here.” I agreed we headed back to the star­ship to take off with him for once in a long time, so. We got back into the ship and peo­ple a cou­ple of those crea­tures we had saw spot­ted us and came toward us pretty fast. We just went when you look at the star­ship and did turn back n’t. Those crea­tures ignored us and sim­ply turned around and went back with there herd.

We became popular in search of another planet to reside on. 

We where a fam­ily that is nomadic kept mov­ing from spot to place with­out know­ing what was likely to be there. I had started a con­ver­sa­tion as we headed for the next planet my brother and. We where speak­ing about how exactly we would have been bet­ter off just stay­ing there in the world rather than get­ting lost and never know where in actu­al­ity the hell we where. He was bab­bling on and on about that and I really failed to give a care but I paid atten­tion just because he had been my brother and I had to pay atten­tion to him or he would tell my mom and dad. My dad and mom were type of stu­pid I think. They never paid atten­tion to me since they thought Jack was Gods cre­ation that is great­est or some­thing. They spoiled him a com­plete lot and I was just there to accom­plish things for him.

We had been com­ing through to the next planet and I was get­ting my buddy and myself all set explore the planet. We had trou­ble land­ing since there was so trees that are many rocks.
There clearly was water here, a com­plete lot of water was here, that was crash­ing up against the sides asso­ci­ated with the cliff. This place was scary by sim­ply look­ing at it. When my brother and I got out of the ship to begin look­ing around he thought he saw some­thing because of the blink of his eye. I told him he had been crazy and that he had been things that are see­ing. He denied that I knew what he saw. I acquired only a lit­tle sus­pi­cious once I saw some­thing at the cor­ner of my eye. It appeared as if some­thing was hunt­ing and us, get­ting ready for the attack on us that it was sur­round­ing. We went back in the ship and got our laser guns. We went back out and raised the hinged door back up with all the remote. We went walk­ing to see if every­thing we saw was for real or if it was just a fig­ment of our imag­i­na­tion. We went behind the rocks and now we could hear things but could not see things. We saw some­thing like blushes get­ting around. It looked as if they cer­tainly were invis­i­ble so we just kept on walk­ing to see if we can find any thing else and merely to check out of the planet. Those blushes started ini­tially to fol­low us and if we did some­thing quick or fast paced they might jump back quick. It didn’t seem like those crea­tures would attack us sim­ply because they would flinch back if we moved quickly. We were only avail­able in that one direc­tion us to that they kind of let. It had been this cave that is big was pretty big and there is another crea­ture that we could see. This crea­ture appeared as if it had been an fig­ure that is ape­like some­thing. This started ini­tially to become a lit­tle scary and my lit­tle brother was start­ing to obtain scared also. All of the invis­i­ble crea­tures where not invis­i­ble any more, each of them were crea­tures that were pre­pared to have sup­per and we were likely to be it. My brother was get­ting really scared now. I whis­pered to him, “Don’t worry. Shoot the apes by the exit of the cave and I also shall ensure that the other apes don’t do any­thing.” He did as I told him and I also backed him up. We where in *&!% as much as our knees, most of the apes started yelling in addi­tion they all started ini­tially to become invis­i­ble again. I began to run towards the exit with my buddy inside my side and also the blushes where all in the real method of the cave exit. I hap­pened to be really clue­less to what was going to hap­pen next. I attempted to scare the apes but they would not react or do any plain thing except get even mad. The apes walked for­ward which meant we had to walk back­wards to your big crea­ture that is ape­like. I hap­pened to be just as scared as my buddy did and was n’t know very well what to com­plete. The big ape­like crea­ture asked us, “What is your busi­ness doing here.”
“We are explor­ing plan­ets to see what type is liv­able, and this planet is out of the ques­tion I think”, was what I said. Most of the apes started laugh­ing, par­tic­u­larly the big one. He then said, “This planet the fol­low­ing is our planet and who­ever invades it shall be killed.”
I then replied, “Well then, I think we have to get our butts outta here don’t you think big ape.”
That was what he was called by me on acci­dent because it just do my home­work arrived on the scene. I think he was offended by it because he started laugh­ing. My brother then said, “hey sir that is big. Can you why don’t we go please?” The sir that is big the polite way to com­mu­ni­cate with the guy I expe­ri­enced found out by my cousin. He always pulled me away from my stumps and I also was glad I was pulled by him out of this one. I sup­pose my brother did get him to let us go since the big ape told us, “I will let you guys go if you leave now and never keep com­ing back.” We agreed to never keep com­ing back and apol­o­gized to the ape that is big.

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