There are several argumentative essays topics here to help you write your essay.

There are several argumentative essays topics here to help you write your essay.

The List of Good Topics for an Argumentative Essay


Can the death penalty be effective?

Can smoking be avoided by making tobacco illegal?

Are girls too “mean” within their friendship?

Is competition really good?


Are we too influenced by computers?

Which are the drawbacks of online dating sites apps such as Tinder?

Does media that are social impact one’s life?

Will the development of artificial intelligence which can regulate itself lead to human extinction?


Do cameras placed in public places infringe on people’s privacy?

Can it be fair to control the time an adolescent dedicates to computer that is playing or creating an online business?

Should people use animal tested cosmetics and drugs to safeguard themselves from dangerous consequences?

Should torture be acceptable?


At what age should sex education be introduced at schools?

Should children be taught housekeeping in school?

Should school teachers and staff members be allowed to socialize with students after school?

Why there should be less or no further homework.

Do prof-orientation tests really assist students to dec >


Should adults result in their elderly parents? As long as they be obliged to help them financially?

Should children be asked by the court who they wish to stick with after their parents’ divorce?

Should gents and ladies have different rights and responsibilities in spousal relationships?

Should people undergo testing to become parents?


Can people live without meat at all?

Is breakfast actually the most important meal of the day? Why or why don’t you?

Should the working day be shortened to six hours for the sake of health?

Is human cloning acceptable?

Art, Movie, Literature

  1. Should book­stores estab­lish age lim­i­ta­tions for cer­tain books?
  2. Are movies asso­ci­ated with 21st cen­tury much cru­eler than movies filmed when you look at the cen­tury that is 20th?
  3. As to what extent should movies that depict his­tor­i­cal events be accu­rate?
  4. Should schools use text­books that are elec­tronic save paper?
  5. Should paint­ings that con­tain nudity be cen­sored?
  6. Will it be accept­able to bring chil­dren to exhi­bi­tions of a pho­tog­ra­pher who per­forms in nude style?
  7. Do actors take men­tal risks when play­ing dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters, includ­ing psy­chopaths and mur­der­ers?
  8. Should peo­ple find out more books or arti­cles to build up their hori­zons that are men­tal?
  9. Is tele­vi­sion that is watch­ing a waste of time?
  10. Do famous artists have an innate tal­ent, or do they place in great effort to mas­ter just how to draw?


  1. Should the Fed­eral Bureau­cracy be allowed to adopt rules which have the same weight as laws passed by leg­isla­tive bod­ies?
  2. Should the homely house of Lords have veto power over the House of Com­mons?
  3. Should judges make rul­ings that will ben­e­fit soci­ety?
  4. If the states nul­lify fed­eral laws when they vio­late the rights of states as sov­er­eign republics within the Union?
  5. Should firearms that are own­ing allowed in most states?
  6. May be the Supreme Court stronger than other branches?
  7. Should cit­i­zen­ship by birth be can­celed?
  8. If the Four­teenth Amend­ment be changed, and how?
  9. What laws per­tain­ing to meta­data that are col­lect­ing be changed?
  10. With what cases should pros­e­cut­ing a young child as a grownup be allowed?


  1. Was colo­nial­ism good for any coun­try, and exactly why?
  2. What strate­gies should be adopted that were used by Adolf Hitler dur­ing WWII today?
  3. Is Abra­ham Lin­coln a hero to Amer­i­cans? Why?
  4. Was Native that is expelling amer­i­cans?
  5. Was the Soviet Union jus­ti­fied in occu­py­ing East­ern Europe dur­ing the final end of WWII?
  6. What caused the Mex­i­can-Amer­i­can War?
  7. What was the total out­come of the dis­so­lu­tion of British rule in India?
  8. That which was the con­se­quence of the Civil that is amer­i­can War?
  9. Was Prus­sia suc­cess­ful in mak­ing Ger­many a sin­gle nation?
  10. Was Amer­i­can agri­cul­ture changed fol­low­ing the inven­tion of the cot­ton gin?

Con­tro­ver­sial Essay Top­ics

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